Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fatback Boucherie's (Cajun Butcher Trailer) Fundraising Event

In many ways, the event today was wildly successful. It was incredibly inspiring to see so many loving people come out to support a good cause, a race to earn money for a woman named Lynn who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Walking through the silent auction tables, I noticed quickly that many of the bids were significantly higher than the listed value of the prizes, which completely melted my heart. There was beer and wine available by donation, the jar for which was always completely overflowing, and all of the trailers at Jessie Street Eats had some sort of donation box readily available as well. It was absolutely thrilling to see such support from everyone, even though I've never actually met the beneficiary.

I'll admit I initially decided to go to the crawfish boil today, for just that, the little Cajun mudbugs that please me so. Upon arriving, I was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere surrounding the event. Perfect sunny day music seeped out of the instruments of an upbeat band, the park swarmed with supporters making their way through the silent auction tables, and the air smelled of all sorts of delicious foods from 5 or 6 different trailers. 

Wish I'd gotten their name. So fun.

I didn't even mind when we were told that the wait for crawfish would be about an hour because I had hopes that it would satisfy that crazy craving I've had since I left New Orleans after Katrina. Unfortunately, in spite of the heart-warmingness of the event, the crawfish were not to be enjoyed as I'd hoped. Luke and I ordered a bacon and oyster sandwich to hold us over until the crawfish were ready, and while it was delicious, I have to admit that it wasn't as a result of the oysters themselves. Each of us devoured a half-sandwich on standard wheat bread, doused in mayonnaise, and dressed with just a couple of thin fried oysters and some chewy bacon. To my great dismay, I could hardly even taste the oysters, but I was certainly hungry enough at the time to put that sandwich away!

About an hour later when the crawfish arrived, the emanating scent gave me hope. Sadly, I was soon to be disappointed upon closer inspection of the crustaceans. They were wildly inconsistent in size, which to me indicates a lower quality provider who did not take the time to supply the best product possible.

Daddy crawfish is much much tastier than baby crawfish.

Naturally I attacked the larger ones first, pinching off the tail and sucking the juices out of the head like I'd been shown a million times as a child. Unfortunately, I could not have been more disheartened by the lack of juices pouring from the crawfish heads. In my experience, the heads have always contained the majority of the flavor, and in this case the liquid deficiency was just devastating. Sadly, the experience was not to improve upon moving on to the meat. There simply wasn't enough of it there on most of the crawfish, and the flavor was seriously sub-par. The saving graces of the plate were the sausage patty, which was full of the spice and flavor I longed for in the crawfish, and the boiled potatoes, which were perfectly salted and wonderfully textured. If only these were the items I had truly been seeking today. 

Sad that the brown spot in the middle was the most delicious thing there.

My culinary experience was redeemed slightly by The Ice Cream Social, a truck serving all sorts of wonderful frozen treats.

Don't know if I understand the old-timey boxers here though.

I ordered two scoops, one Peanut Butter Molé and one Roasted Strawberry Cheesecake, with a little bit of whipped cream on top. The Peanut Butter Molé was rich, unique and delicious. The Peanut Butter, of course, was an extremely distinct flavor, but in this case it was followed by a delightfully spicy bite that made it all worth the while. My Roasted Strawberry Cheesecake had that wonderful caramelized flavor, and a delectable tangy punch from the strawberries. My dream in a cup was an excellent finish to a day that needed such a saviour. 


I am grateful for the dessert that contented my taste buds before my departure from Jessie Street Eats today, and I do have to say that I will probably try Fatback Boucherie again at some point. I understand that today was a day of caring, a day where the quality of the food may have suffered for a greater cause and a need for profit. I can only hope that when I return in the future, the crawfish will possess that indescribable characteristic that makes a great Cajun meal.  Should they not, at least I can delight in the fact that my coon ass can craft something incredibly Cajun on a moment's notice. It's just in my blood. 

Coming soon to my front door :)

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