Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Culinary Quote Archive: On Formal Education

"A complete lack of caution is perhaps one of the true signs of a real gourmet: he has no need for it, being filled with it as he is with a God-given and intelligently self-cultivated sense of gastronomical freedom." M. F. K. Fisher

After 20 years of growth and evolution, I was fortunate enough to discover a passion that has stuck with me for over two years now. At an age notorious for perpetual uncertainty, I am completely amazed at the calm assurance cooking has provided me. Many of my peers have questioned my lack of desire to attend culinary school, and although I have always intrinsically known that formal culinary education was not for me, personal reflection was required to comprehend exactly why that was: I am afraid to lose my freedom.

Since the beginning of my culinary journey, I have taken it upon myself to optimize each of the resources around me, and through these outlets, I have managed to make an incredible amount of progress. I have immensely enjoyed the bottom-up approach and the slow climb I am on has been nothing but enjoyable. I have appreciated failing often and maximizing all opportunities for self-education as they present themselves. Were I formally educated, I fear I would be deprived of my inclination to experimentation, which would threaten the existence of purpose in my adventure. I cherish the hope that technique will never impede my "gastronomical freedom" and cause me to stop creating and cooking truly from the heart.

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