Friday, March 23, 2012

Thoughts on Passion-Seeking

Today proved to be an incredibly telling day for me because today was the day I really began to understand the meaning of "work" and the strains of entrepreneurialism. We are all familiar with the notion that choosing a job we love will ensure that we never work a day in our lives, but I have begun to realize the exertion necessary of anyone aspiring to seek out their passions. There are simply going to be unpleasant bumps in the road to success, regardless of the avenue we choose to take. Of course we are able to embark on a smoother journey with the knowledge of the thing that makes us tick, but there's inevitable complications associated with each. 

Those of you who know me are aware of my intentions to open a food truck in the near future, and while I am absolutely certain that I will enjoy the hell out of the experience, I caught a glimpse today of the most tedious of tasks at hand. I stood by and observed as my boss and mentor maintained composure in the face of some incredible stresses. Re-inspection was required of our trailer, and the 3 people that man it (including myself) were forced to essentially disassemble the guts of the business for transport and consequently reassemble them upon return to our resting place. At the heart of this process, of course, was my operating manager, who has had the weight of the world (or at least the multi-ton trailer) on his shoulders. Every obstacle that has been thrown at us has been artfully resolved by the man in charge, and his levelheadedness has forced me to question my ability to take on such responsibilities for myself. In most situations I would be more than willing to admit my inability or unwillingness to manage these issues, but my confidence in my chosen path has only been strengthened by the fact that I am excited to handle these such complications for my business. Although I have been forced to come to terms with the most unpleasant and tedious tasks associated with my obsession, I can assuredly endorse my intentions to zealously seek my passion. I only aspire now to maintain a sense of pragmatism as I embark on the most surreal of excursions at hand.

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