Monday, March 26, 2012

Culinary Quote Archive (Part 4): On the Importance of the Journey

"The journey is part of the experience, an expression of the seriousness of one's intent. One doesn't take the A train to Mecca." -Anthony Bourdain

Oh Anthony, so many more interesting/offensive quotes I could take from you, like, "Don't touch my dick, don't touch my knife," or one of the many hateful musings concerning the folly of vegans/vegetarians. Sifting through the vast pool of your contemplations has left me amused and yet slightly cringing. I am more than certain I will breach the subjects of some of your more controversial ruminations at a later date, but for today, I settle for your mildly cliché thoughts on the journey, as they seem to coincide with things I've been experiencing as of late.

I have claimed that my personal career journey has persisted for the last couple of years, but it's really only been the last couple of months that have been truly enlightening. There must be a direct correlation between throwing myself into a job at a food truck (the culinary world as I prefer to see it), and my increased motivation to seek out my own culinary aspirations. I've finally found myself setting concrete goals and asking the questions I need to, to get where I want to be. I've recently been exposed to several of the unpleasantries of the field I intend to enter, and yet I've found myself enjoying each of the stresses in some strange capacity. 

Being an integral part of the growth of a small-business (no matter how small a part that may be), has been a very telling experience so far. We have dealt with innumerable obstacles (large and small) in the short time I have been a part of the project, and yet I have smiled through all of them. I genuinely want to contribute the solution. That fact right there reassures me that I am pursuing a goal I will ultimately be legitimately pleased with upon reaching. I expect to glean countless invaluable tid-bits through the sole act of walking the walk, but the most substantial will undoubtedly be the comprehension that I have determinately discovered that which I will die happy doing. I gotta tell ya, that's just the most amazing feeling, and it certainly makes the long road ahead of me seem just that much shorter. There's a cliché right back at ya, Mr. Bourdain.

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